COVID19 Resources

Top 5 Ways to Manage Pandemic Stress:

  1. Keeping structure in your routine
    • Find a new normal
    • Make time for self-care
  2. Building a support team
    • People to check in with or visit at a distance – family, friends, mail, churches, senior centers/community centers
    • Activities online – webinars and events such as this one
    • Doctor visits online
    • 211 or insurance
  3. Channeling energy into something productive
    1. Take precautions to the best of your ability
    2. Journaling
    3. Exercise
    4. Mindfulness and deep breathing activities – go to youtube
    5. If you are in a position to do so, helping others.
      • Grocery runs
      • Check on your neighbors
      • Making masks
      • Just listening and being there. Sometimes there is nothing else to do but sit with someone and agree that it’s hard.
  1. Limit access to the news and social media
    • Set a time limit for yourself
    • Only follow reputable sources for information about the virus ( or
  2. Finding help – when and how