Therapy with Adults


Feeling anxious or depressed? Do you struggle with stuck thinking? Feeling like your life is out of control? Are thoughts and worries taking over? Do you feel like the day-to-day routine is stifling your spirit?

We help adults struggling with complicated relationships and situations to re-gain control, set boundaries, improve their relationships, and feel less anxious.

nikko-macaspac-6SNbWyFwuhk-unsplashWe are welcoming and affirming to those who identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, pansexual, asexual, intersex, genderqueer, genderfluid, and more. If you love someone who identifies as one of the above, we would love to help you understand and affirm them as well.

We have additional training and interest in LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy.

We also have additional training with HAES/IE (Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating) to help with body image concerns, and we are proudly Neurodivergent affirming. 

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Therapy with Couples


Whether you are struggling with communication, losing intimacy, having sexual concerns, or if you just want to improve your relationship and be at your best, we can help! The therapists at Growth Therapy will help you set and reach goals to build intimacy, become a solid team, and parent more effectively.


We can provide couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, divorce or separation counseling, or help you decide if you want to stay together. We also work with LGBTQIA+ relationships and alternative lovestyles such as open or polyamorous relationships.

We can help relationships where trauma or brain differences are a part of your story and impact communication or your relationship structure. 

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Therapy with Teens


Are you a stressed or anxious teen or young adult? Are you a parent that feels disconnected from your teenager? Teens have a lot on their plate: friends, social media, bullies, school, tests, college, work, and BTW, learning how to “adult.”

Those who identify as LGBTQ+ are under extra stress as they navigate how to come out and to whom, pressure from peers, and how to identify and feel most comfortable as themselves.


We love to work with teens to help them understand where their feelings come from, build self-esteem, and teach skills to deal with feelings in healthy ways. We also work with parents and teens together to help them understand one another and to develop strategies that will work to avoid conflict, build a positive connection, and teach your teen what they need to know to succeed in life.

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Therapy with Children


Are you a parent worried about your child’s stress and anxiety? Do you miss having a happy relationship with your child? Want you and your child to feel at your best? Kids typically do not respond to talk therapy. When you ask them why they act in a certain way or what they are feeling, their response is usually “I don’t know,” because they really do not know. Our therapists are trained in helping your child feel comfortable and safe so they can open up about what is bothering them, then we design games and activities to help them learn to manage difficult feelings, advocate for themselves, and build a better relationship with those who matter the most.

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Therapy with Families


Do you have a dream of what you wanted your family to be like, and each day seems further from it? Are you doing okay but want to be great? We can help everyone in your family to understand each other, work together, feel better, argue less, talk more, and connect on a deeper level.

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Group Therapy:


Groups are a great way to connect and heal with others going through similar situations. Group therapy can often help resolve problems faster and have longer-lasting effects because of the added support and feedback. Being truly seen and understood by others, not just a therapist, is a powerful and life changing experience. Check out our current group therapy offerings here



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