The Word You Should Know in 2018


greetings from the moon family

We have been in the New Year for a few weeks. How is it going so far? People tend to love January because it feels like a fresh start. Everywhere you go you hear:

“New Year, New You!”

“What are your New Years Resolutions!?”

“Set goals!”

We all know that vague goals typically don’t work. “Lose weight” tends to be the a common one. I too am guilty of setting goals I don’t reach. That doesn’t feel great and might put some people off from setting personal goals altogether.

This year I am trying something different.

This year, I am only choosing a word.

The “word of the year” is a concept that helps you focus on achieving a goal in a simple way: by keeping it on your mind. One word that represents a personal goal or value can help guide every day and every interaction if you keep it in mind in everything you do. By writing that word down and remembering it, you can change the way you do everything to be more in line with that goal. Here are some examples:

  • Focus
  • Relax
  • Calm
  • Success
  • Kindness
  • Intention

My word this year is “relax.” I think of it several times every day, have it written down in important places I will see it, and have a picture as my phone background that helps me to remember that goal. I think of it when I go to make a decision or when I have down time. When I drive and remember to relax, it helps me to relax my body and drive safely. When I think of it at home, it might prompt me to exercise (since exercise releases endorphins that help you to feel relaxed), to stop and put my phone or computer away, to have a cup of tea, or maybe to clean up. When I am around other people and remember “relax,” I am kinder to others and less reactive to what might be said.

By just remembering one word I know I will end this year feeling more relaxed.

Join me!

What is your word of the year??